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the a's are eliminated by the tigers tonight. but most had good things to say about the a's, and their first trip to the playoffs since 2006. and not all bad news for bay area baseball! this was the victorious team in cincinnati today, as the giants defied the odds, beating the reds in a historic comeback.
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>> giry will have more on who the giants will face in the national league championship series coming up later in sports. >> back to the a's, reggie kumar is outside the coliseum tonight. he has more. >> reporter: a's fans here at the coliseum may be disappointed tonight, but many say they're proud of the team for making it this far. thousands of a's fans left the coliseum still upbeat about their team. they needed this win to stay alive and move onto the american league championship series. most fans were not angry at the players despite the loss. they say they stand by the athletics. >> they're the underdogs, the team that should have won!
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>> great team, great playoffs, lost my voice. >> still believe in the team? oh, look at the payroll we had! amazing, amazing run. i enjoyed the ride. >> how can you be angry? who would have thought they would have gotten this far? i'm nothing but happy. it is what it is. >> oakland a's! >> oak rand rules! >> that i always made it happen -- >> it was a great year for them. i'm really happy with what they did. >> we had a great season. the only thing, we didn't go further. other than that, we still believe in the team. >> we were with it all the way to the end. you couldn't leave till the end of the game because anything can happen! >> still instbl >> still believe!
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>> gary will have more on the a's and the giants and the rest of postseason baseball coming up in sports. our record stands for itself. >> they first blamed the youtube video, now they're trying to blame the romney/ryan ticket >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> the first and only vice presidential debate held tonight in kentucky. joe biden facing off against paul ryan. a much more heated match compared to the one between president obama and mitt romney. they talked about national security, foreign policy, taxes, jobs, and clashed over whether the new healthcare reform law put medicare on sounder footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, turning medicare into a piggy bank for
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obamacare. their own actuaries said 1-6 hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this >> that's not what they said. >> millions of seniors are projected to lose the coverage they have. >> that didn't happen. more people signed up . whoa, whoa. more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change. nobody is saying that. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost rounds. [ laughter ] >> i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting >> don't take all the 4 minutes then. >> don't change benefits for people. >> the next debate is the second presidential debate. that's going to take the form of a town hall meeting. citizens will be asking questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic violence issues next
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tuesday in new york. you can watch that debate on our 24/7 news channel on comcast 193. and president obama was keeping an eye on his running mate's performance tonight. the white house released this photo of the president watching the debate onboard airforce 1. >> i could not be prouder of him. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> really proud of him. >> a little hard to hear. he was saying that was a very strong performance by joe biden, and a cnn poll of debate-watchers says 48% think paul ryan won, and 44% thought biden came out on top. pretty even. the showers pretty much ended around the bay area this
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evening. we still have a chance of light rain moving through. moisture continues to wrap arnd this area of low pressure. it's muvl to the south and east. it could clip the south bay. but it looks like the rain is pretty much done at this hour. the core of the storm down over southern california. going to continue to go south and east tomorrow. warmer temperatures and drier conditions. justice for mario romero, the name of a town hall meeting in vallejo tonight. he is the victim of a police-involved shooting. the community still wants answers. >> reporter: more than 50 people turned out for the town hall meeting here at the north vallejo community center.
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many of the guest speakers, families of officer-involved shootings all over the bay area. they told the audience to get involved in the critical issues affecting their communities. speakers from the nation of islam, oscar grant foundation, and other groups explained how to go about file a public information request from the district attorney's office and law enforcement agencies if they feel they're not being told the whole story when loved ones are involved in criminal cases. >> i hope they come away with a sense of unity, a sense of city pride, and the fact that they can all rely on each other. if divided, they will fall. >> reporter: romero was shot to death on september 2nd in front of his home. he was later found not to be armed. his mother attended the town heal hoping to
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prevent -- hall hoping to prevent other families from feeling her pain. >> there is a little of police brutality going on, and to come up with some solutions to save the kids, it's all about saving the children, the ones that are alive now. >> reporter: organizers are encouraging the people who showed up to turn out for a rally and march to the oakland jail later this month on a national day to protest police brutality. later in this broadcast, the giants down 0-2, the a's down 0-2, who won?
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a vallejo man making and using homemade explosive devices. the sheriff and the fbi served a search warrant. they got a tip that a resident was making an exploding bomb. people were evacuated, and authorities detonated one device. there was also a school nearby. >> the school had already left. there may have been some teachers, janitors. that was one of our areas of concern. >> a purpose of interest, a man in his 50s, has been detained, not arrested. the people evacuated have been allowed back home. a bone fragment found among the remains of the victims of the speed freak killers, a 3-inch fragment of bone, was found next to the remains of two
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teenagers. tests show it belonged to a child. and that raises the possibility that it belonged to mckayla garret. she disappeared from a hayward grocery store in 1988. the discovery is opening the possibility that other possible victims of wesley shermantine and loren herzog have been found. this woman has been mentioned in cases like the speed freak killers. even though there is no direct listening, her family continues to hope the case will some day be involved. continuing to monitor the chance of showers over the evening! and warmer weekend weather ahead. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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[ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit the hercules police department is getting closer to finding answers in the murder case of a bay area school teacher. the couple arrested after being found in her car are now persons of enter. hercules police say finding the car was a crucial part of that investigation. but this is a complicated case since there are
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three agencies involved. >> assault charges, i understand they were supposed to did to king county court -- go to king county court this afternoon for that. they're also wanted for warrants out of la. and we want them at least for the auto theft charges. and then we are still only considering the persons of interest in the homicide at this point. >> two hercules detectives are in king county now, reviewing the things found in the car. the police are not saying whether anything found in the car had been taken from her home. east oakland is getting a lightning upgrade aimed at saving the city some money. >> reporter: the street lights in oakland are decades old and up till now have been using technology from the 50s!
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but that is changing. >> reporter: the idea to improve lightning in this rough part of town. better lightning has been linked to crime reduction, and a well-lit treat is safer. >> people don't like to do their dirt in the light. so the ability to have lights on the street is a major thing. >> reporter: residents have complained for years about the poor-lightning conditions in this part of town. now something is being done. >> it upon his when -- it helps when people can see, and when people can see they're being seen. >> reporter: at night, i would normally need a light mountod my camera for -- mounted on my camera for you to see me. but these lights light up the sidewalk pretty well. they're going to save the city of oakland a ton of money too!
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they will save roughly $20,000 a year because the new lights use a fraction of the oldlights. and more are on the way, citywide. oakland plans on replacing 30,000 lights in the 4. san francisco now has $92 million in federal funding for its central subway project. it would create a new branch of the t-3rd line and link south of market to china town. opponents have filed a lawsuit to stop the project. they argue the construction would affect union square. the showers have tapered off this evening, but they could be back through the overnight hours. the core of the high pressure system is moving down toward southern california, and showers are wrapping around the
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back side of it. bye lake tahoe, more moisture coming around, and this could wipe through the south bay through the overnight hours. very light rain, if any at all. cloudy in a few locations tomorrow morning but the sky will clear into the afternoon. and warm temperatures, tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. and continuing the warming trend into the weekend. tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s in the south bay, 71 in los gatos, 68 in san jose. upper 60s, low 70s for the inland valleys as well. 72 in antioch, 70 in concord, 60s for the east bay shores. low 60s along the coast line, and up through the north bay. some cloud cover out this tomorrow morning, then sunshine
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into the afternoon. warm temperatures up about 10 degrees tomorrow. additional warming expected through the weekend. and 90s into the inland valleys tuesday and wednesday. the giants make history in cincinnati! gary has that straight ahead. and do-or-die for the a's in front of a packed house. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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all right, good evening, everybody! way back, 20 years to la russa, consecco, ricky hernandez to find a more exciting a's season! almost 30,000 packed the house tonight! parker, 23. the youngest a's pitcher to ever start a deciding game in the postseason. and there's the double for austin jackson. 1-0 detroit. this is one of those deals, everybody had high hopes. you win, you advance to the american league championship game. but verlander is too good. ryan cook came in to try to get a strikeout. cook hits miguel
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cabrera, it's 4-0 detroit, and that's it. but hey, these fans, all of a sudden, the last three weeks, oakland became a baseball town again! detroit wins tonight, 6-0, and they'll play the winner of the yankees and baltimore which are going 5 games. but with all due respect to the tigers, this night belonged in these parts to the oakland a's! [ cheering and applause ] >> their fans who were tired of hearing they're going to san jose, they're going to san jose! they caught fire. and everybody loved each other at the finish. >> out there waving, nobody left the stadium. we're down 6-0, everybody is still there cheering us on. and that's a great feeling. [ cheering and applause ] >> let's go oakland! [ cheering and applause ] >> it was a bit different here. these fans were -- you can hear them now, just absolutely amazing. this is a really tough
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place to play. and the fans made it that way. and oakland played great. but we won. >> it was a great year. it's frustrating when you're that close. >> and the big question now, with texas, and the angels spending three and four times as much in their division, will the a's be able to duplicate it and get everybody as excited next year? hunter pence, pumping the team up! for whatever relationship, in the postseason, he started his little talks and everybody is responding! matt latos was responding too for four innings! and in the 5th, look out, buster posey, a grand slam! and the giants led 6-0. never before in national league play had a team lost both games
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at home and come back and won the series! dusty baker called for the old hit and run. guy struck out, thrown out, and that's where dust segoing to receive all the -- dusty is going to receive all the criticism. help here from angel pagan. the reds threat in the 6th, seventh, 8th, and 9th, 2 rub runners -- runners on in the last frame. [ cheering and applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> this moment this, is so incredible. you saw guts from both sides. that's what playoff baseball is, the best in the league, the best in the world. >> the stoefrp back here, i guess -- torch is back here, i guess. what happened here, i
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couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guys to come in here and do what they did. that's quite a task. and it's going against all odds, and they found a way to get it done. >> they'll find out tomorrow: washington or here. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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